I’ll have a side of sexism with that

Here is a different kind of culinary atrocity. I have German recipe book from the late 1960s called “Das Gästeverwerwöhnbuch” (The Pamper-Your-Guests Book). It has all kinds of reicpes for all kinds of situations when you have guests. The recipes are actually pretty good, often inspired by classic French cuisine and cooked from scratch which is quite a difference to other books of that period.

There is also a chapter about rendez-vous and what best to serve the woman of your dreams. It also includes this ‘light-hearted’ butcher’s chart for a female homo sapiens:


Back in the days, such was not considered offensive. Men have always been hunters and gatherers, and after the successful hunt the prey was to be butchered.

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  • Josh Feldman February 5, 2013 at 3:25 am

    I confess I regularly have such thoughts myself. I completely acknowledge that such things are now so politically incorrect as to be basically unthinkable. That’s a tad ironic, no? I consider myself a feminist, politically. A very strong one actually. But I’m still, regrettably, a man.

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