The Frankfurter Crown Roast

A proper crown roast is an impressive – some might say barbaric with all those bones sticking out – sight on a table. It is a show-off piece that demonstrates that you want to serve high class food to your guests – provided you are able to cook it properly.


Here we have a particularly cheesy version with kumquat-decorated bones surrounded by tomatoes stuffed with something.

But of course there is also the poor-man’s version of the crown, made with weenies.

frankfurter_crown_roast1The Weight Watchers’ interpretation of this classic is served with cabbage – presumably to keep it in ‘authentic’ German style. Well, I am glad to confirm that this way of serving sausages is hugely unpopular in Germany. We have our own way of serving wieners atrociously. Stay tuned.


If you stick the franks into a casserole, you can also fill the ‘crown’ with vomit…


…or cheese melt vomit.

And when things really get tough, you can always resort to the lettuce stuffing:


Most pictures courtesy of Bad and Ugly of Retro Food

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