German Dairy Fun

Recently I came across a recipe book issued in 1963 by a German association for the promotion of dairy products. It has quite a few pictures in varying levels of grossness; here is the top of the crop:

milk3Variations on a popular theme – Triple barf-in-a-basketTM, called ‘sauerkraut salads’ here, served with golf balls.

milk4What looks like embroidered slippers for aliens are slices of bread topped with quark and funky vegetables.


Pickled herrings in an around quark and gherkins used as a cheesy seaweed imitation.


No guess games with this one – Bananas wrapped in brined ‘Matjes’ herrings, must be a tradtional dish from Ecuador. Germans LOVE herrings. Where is the milk? Only used to clean the fish from the brine, thank god.

milk2And for the climactic finale it’s brined herring yet again, this time served with green beans and topped with an appetizing load of white goo.

Barfy Cottage Cheese Omelet

Not one but two drunks have relieved themselves here over this puffy omelet after what must have been a hell of a party.